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  • Listening to: caligari
  • Reading: dark tower
  • Watching: 80's movies
  • Playing: guitar,....badly
  • Eating: tears of joy
  • Drinking: pepsi still, but i might go for coffee
so um, wow!!! i didn't even know what a daily deviation was, (i'm still pretty new to this site) but i was lucky enough to get one this morning, and came home to find thousands of messages, and tons of comments. so i just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you:) i will be trying to respond to as many as i can in the next few days. thank you again everyone for all the kind words i've received.
also extra special thanks to, and to for getting me on the main page. you guys are the best!
  • Listening to: caligari
  • Reading: dark tower
  • Watching: caleb shred
  • Playing: with my.....erm... nevermind
  • Eating: crow
  • Drinking: pepsi
taking a break for a bit... hope you guys enjoy the work. thank you for taking the time to look at my stuff. stay tuned, as i have several more pieces to post including some of my tattoo work, more machines, a couple murals i painted, and of course, more guitars.